Posted on Apr 26, 2019
Auburn Rotarians bring awareness to Rotary Internationals work to getting us even closer to a polio-free world.
Diann Hines, Auburn Rotary President, left and Renee Florin, Rotarian, right    On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, at the DeKalb County Senior Health Fair, Diann Hines, Auburn Rotary President, and Renee Florin, Rotarian, brought awareness to Rotary Internationals effort to eradicate polio throughout the world by immunizing every child - including remote and dangerous war-torn regions.
    Many attendees shared personal stories on the crippling effect of polio and how it affected their family or friends before immunization was available.  Most expressed concern over its return, citing the recent outbreak of measles in our area, and they were especially appreciative of the work the Rotary was doing to eradicate polio from the world. 
    Donors received an "End Polio Now" sticker and had their little pinkie painted with purple polish - to represent the pinkies of children stained purple to indicate that they'd been immunized.  Those that made a donation of $10.00 or more received an "End Polio Now" lapel pin.  $105.00 was raised at this event.  Your donation helps Rotary and its partners reach every child with the polio vaccine. Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, your contribution will be tripled, getting us even closer to a polio-free world.
    Donations to End Polio Now can be accepted by a Rotary Member, at a Rotary Club Meeting, or online through Rotary International by clicking the following link:  END POLIO NOW.